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C/overt Assaults on Pine Street, Quincy, Massachusetts with Electromagnetic/Sonic Neuroweaponry: How It’s Done

Come to Pine Street. June 2015–but it might as well be Nov 2013 or September 2014. From Nov 2013 to this day, a common thread coheres.

First you’ll hear the cars, tumbling at breakneck speed, clattering and accelerating as they hurtle past the house. And the so-called “covert” vehicles–the white worker vans, the anonymous SUVs, the pick-up trucks, the FedEx trucks, the UPS trucks, the Verizon and Xfinity vans, the Post Office vans–they all hurtle past, back and forth, up and down the street. This goes on for a bit.

Sometimes they come close, right up to the house, opposite the house, pulled up in front of the neighbor’s house, or pulled across into the neighbor’s driveway.

Then you’ll hear the honks, from these vehicles. Single honks, tiny honks, a series of honks. Despairing, frustrated honks.

Almost immediately–literally within 5 minutes–you’ll hear the planes. The first plane rumbles confidently up, crosses the house. On your body, you feel the scissor-like zigzag of radar, probing your nerves, your heart. A loud crack sounds from the side of the house.

But look, the cars are driving like crazed squirrels again. Up and down they go, up and down and round the block and back. Then they honk.

The plane comes back. Maybe it hangs in the distance for a while. Maybe it comes over and circles. Step out at night and you’ll see a plane with bright white flashers circling slowly around the entire neighborhood.

Once more, your knees are pulsed. Radar signals, running through your human body. Crack on the side of the room you’re sitting in. And here come the cars. They sound jubilant, they crash down the street like victors.

But look, their tracking isn’t working very well. They’re back to tearing up and down like maniacs. Yes, they’re above 25 mph and this is a residential area. Yes, the neighbors can all see this happening. Yes, no-one calls the police. Why should they? Two weeks ago you saw the Quincy Police steal abruptly away from the side of your house where they were raising their Through-Wall-Surveillance Radar weapons at your living-room wall, hitting your shielding, trying to find you. The police are in on this.

And the neighbors let these cars park in their driveway. Modern COINTELPRO uses up every resource, including the neighbors. The neighbors pull out their cell phones and track you with their GPS apps as you step out into your yard, the drive, the street. The neighbors put on the colors they’re told to wear, hop out with their little dogs in front of you, pull out when you’re pulling out of your driveway, pull up when you step out, step out when you step out, and stare.

Right now though, the cars are back to zooming up and down, the honks are starting up again, the plane is forced to come back. It hovers, circles, hangs. Step out and you’ll see a Cessna fly low and cross your yard–a small plane that picks up in speed as you point your cell phone at it, trying to snap a picture.

The neighbors have been called to come out in droves now. Some of them are shouting to each other at the tops of their voices. Some of them are shouting authoritatively at their kids–even the nice Italian woman next door, who used to be quiet and sweet to her kids. Some of them are running their power tools–the guy with the red pick-up up the hill goes at his loudest saw with vicious venom, glancing across into your yard now and then. The owner of the duplex opposite pulls up in his gigantic black pick-up and pulls out a particularly virulent lawnmower and turns it on.

Meanwhile the aircraft activity goes on. Maybe a helicopter comes through, rather stridently and quite low, looking like a giant bee with a stinger.

(The FAA returns a full knowledge-but-no-record response when you FOIA them and go back and forth for a year, asking for information on these planes and helicopters. No record of these planes, although “of course the local authorities are aware of them.” And their intended purpose, presumably. See Muckrock for my 1-year correspondence with the FAA on the subject of these planes.)

The cars go back to pounding the street. They repeat their little cycle of frustration, pulling up close so you can feel the flicker of their radar on your facial nerves.

They just can’t get a read though on the sit of your spine on your chair, they can’t hit you from beneath or above, they want to stick their pencil of radio pulses into your body cavity, but they can’t lock on.

Such a pity. Such sophisticated weaponry, designed to lock on.

Your heart bleeds for them, the sadly foiled gangsters in their street cars,forced to pound up and down, non-stop, all through the morning. They work in teams, and they work in shifts, and they can’t wait for the next shift and the next team to get started with this insane pounding.

This back and forthing like lunatics is the Overt part of their mission. Maybe they’re trying to make hits on your Nervous System, to keep you on edge all through the day. Maybe they think they’re scaring you with their Show of Force.

The sitting and hitting–which they succeed in doing mostly at night, when you’re trying to sleep–is the Covert part. They’re sitting quiet–either in their cars or in your neighbor’s house, and pointing their handy little portable weapons at you, or just GPS’ing you from a distance with radar tracking and letting an undisclosed-as-operative, Classified drone hit you. The weapons are Covert Weapons. The Assault is Covert. The Assault is Classified, and will serve you a Glomar Response if you seek to FOIA it.

Nonetheless, it’s pretty public activity on Pine Street, and everyone knows what’s going on. Heck, they’re taking part in it–welcome to the Cell Phone Staasi century.

On your person, you’re foiling their hits with shielding which resounds when energy pulses hit it. There’s no mistaking this remote action, it makes Very Loud Sounds close-up. You have ample reason to shield, since you were kept awake all night with a High Powered Microwave weapon hitting your body with heat waves, and energy pulses at your head all night so you woke with a headache, and nausea, and had to spend some time (shielded) trying to get over all that.

Meanwhile, journalists are sleeping. Journalists who cover Surveillance and are up in arms over the loss of our rights and liberties are sleeping. Human rights groups turn a blind eye and a deaf ear, although you’ve contacted them, although hundreds of people have contacted them. The ACLU, which recently sent you a copy of the US Constitution in the mail, and pleads for your fiscal support, which you have frequently given, has told you they can’t help you because you’re an individual. Not a group. They don’t help groups either though, reporting this particular crime. Your Senators–stellar as they are–Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren–do absolutely nothing to stop this crime, although you’ve sent letters, spoken to their staff, and keep writing. Your President ignores your letters and group petitions.

Who are you, you’re asked. Who are you that you would get their dirty attention? The answer is: Nobody. You’re both nobody special and nobody they want alive, because you signed a few petitions, wrote to your Senators, and mentioned the word “Ethics” in front of a Front-Man or Front-Woman–an informant–they’d planted in your midst. (They’re everywhere today, according to reports on the NSA. The FBI alone admitted to 15,000 informants in a 2014 report.) Nobody will care, they think, if you’re finished off with a heart attack or stroke, all induced remotely. Who’s to know? Mention being hit from a plane or a helicopter or a car parked on your street and–the shadow government that has instigated these hits on you have set up the framework, and they’re banking on it– your society, they hope, will instantly label you a Paranoid Schizophrenic--and there are plenty of psychiatrists in the pocket of Big Pharma happy to misdiagnose you as such.

Meanwhile “targeting” you gives them plenty of reason to start a bogus investigation, try to legitimize their evil Patriot Act and now Freedom Act (!), and corral the entire neighborhood into doing their bidding, on a micro level, night and day.

You may be a Nobody, but you’re a useful Nobody in this bid to Terrorize America, Keep America Quiet, and Quiescent, and Docile, and Compliant, while All our civil rights and liberties are taken away from us. What the Nazis did in 1930s Germany is exactly what is happening in the US today–they scapegoat one individual, and get the whole community to dance to their tune. (If they say Wear red, everyone wears red. If they say Shout, everyone shouts. If they say, Drive, everyone drives.)

What is the reason for such an assault on some–and all–of us today? The Persecution of Dissent? New-Age Electronic Warfare Weapons Testing? MKULTRA Behavior Modification Experiments? The beginning of Robotization of all humanity? Check all of the above.

Repeat: This is June 2015. This is the United States of America. This is a citizen of the United States of America speaking. This is Domestic Torture delivered via Covert Assault with Military Remote Radiation Neuroweaponry, also ECC-cover of Torture, Asian and Global Perspectiveseuphemistically titled Non Lethal Weapons. This is Electronic Warfare and Asymmetric Warfare being carried out by Military and Intel contractors on the person of a US citizen, inside the USA. This is an Assault with Weapons in the Boston area, being permitted by the City of Quincy, the Quincy Police, the Massachusetts State Police, and the State of Massachusetts. As my recent FOIA request to the FAA indicates, there is Full Knowledge–by the DOD, the USAF, the DOJ, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the DIA, the City, State, and Federal Governments, including the White House–about these planes, helicopters, cars, neuroweapons–and Refusal to Acknowledge. This is being run as a Clandestine Operation–and no-one will speak about it.

Meanwhile, Americans are being tortured every day, continuously, on American soil, by Americans. This horror is ringing a very loud and strident bell in our ears today–is anyone listening? This Government no longer cares about its citizens.

This is a Crime of Secrecy, of Wrongful Classification to Conceal Violation of Law. This is State Terror, in the name of National Security.

Is the whole country being run by gangsters? Is there Anyone in America awake and aware and able to address this gross injustice?

Documenting the Current, Ongoing C/Overt (Secret but Evident) 24/7 Military Assault on Citizens & Residents in the USA and Worldwide Using 21st-Century Directed-Energy Weapons (DEWs): Both a Criminal and Illegal War on Citizens and Criminal and Illegal Weapons-Testing

  • DEWs are also referred to as Non-Lethal Weapons, Offensive Microwave Weapons, Psychotronic Weapons, Scalar Weapons, Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Weapons, Sonic and Ultrasonic Weapons, Non-Ionizing Radiation Weapons, Plasma Beam Weapons, Particle Beam Weapons, Neuroweapons, Mind Control Weapons, Radio Frequency Weapons, Exotic Weapons, Novel Weapons, 21st Century-Weapons; Electronic Harassment; Electromagnetic Warfare.
  • These weapons make use of energy, low and high, from the visible, ultraviolet, infra-red, extremely low frequency (ELF) portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, and from Sound and Ultrasound to transmit invisible–but measurable–pulses of radiation remotely, across great distances, in conjunction with receiving RFID (Radio Frequency Identifying Device) and MEM (MicroElectroMechanical Device) implant technologies, targeted to entrain, excite, and manipulate via the phenomenon of signature resonant frequencies (of all organs, joints, limbs, nerves, cells, DNA) the brains, bodies–muscles, nerves, tissues–of human beings. They remotely track, attack, and manipulate the bodies and brains of human beings. Neuroscientists and doctors have been involved in the creation of these technologies–many of which have been patented and used by the Military for years, and are no longer science fiction.
  • The term “Mind Control” has come to be associated with these technologies by virtue of their ability to intercept and influence thought, feeling, and mood waveforms, target and influence different areas of the brain, and change people’s personality and behavior.
  • Military documents and other kinds of documents exist, which refer to “Unconventional War,” “Military Operations Other Than War,” “Information War,” “Electronic War,” “Low-Intensity Conflict,” and the Joint Terrorism Task Force use of “Non-Lethal Options” on “domestic adversaries,” which refers to the collusion of military units/DoD with DoJ/local law enforcement in the use of Non-Lethal weapons, and which refer to the need to keep the use of Non-Lethal weapons on citizens covert and classified.
  • This Directed-Energy Weapon assault, ongoing at least since the 1980’s, as Harlan Gerard of ICOMW.org attests, but accelerating currently and targeting greater numbers of citizens, is being persistently kept secret by military and Intelligence classifications, and is clearly being facilitated by the CISPA “Sharing of Information” between and across agencies post 9/11, involving the use of Intelligence Agencies to “classify” in order to keep secret all actions of war on citizens; and in order to keep secret all actions of weapons-testing on citizens–all in the false but expedient name of National Security.
  • These New Age weapons are being considered by the US military as emblematic of a New Era in weapon-use worldwide, heralding a “Revolution in Military Affairs”; some researchers say there is an arms race among Militaries worldwide to test and use these weapons on unsuspecting populations, to test and finesse their efficacy, and that Intelligence agencies worldwide are actively engaged in keeping the assaults and field-testing secret; some researchers say the NSA is behind this war worldwide, in collusion with the CIA; some researchers say these are being conducted by national Secret Services worldwide; some researchers say these are the actions of the global shadow government; there is no dispute about the fact that these assaults are occurring both locally inside the United States, and globally.
  • These classified, clandestine DEW assaults are being launched through the use of satellites, drones, small aircraft, and helicopters, as well as ground-based systems such as portable hand-held weapons operated from ground vehicles of various kinds–including privately-owned sedans, SUVs, utility vehicles belonging to National Grid and other utilities, commercial and city vehicles such as FedEx, UPS, USPS vans, oil-refueling trucks, dump trucks, recycle-collection trucks, snow-ploughs; through the use of radio and microwave transmissions on military-reserved-frequencies from cell phones, cell towers, and antennas; through the use of HAARP facilities; through the use of nanotech aerosols; and through the use of MicroElectronic and RFID Implantation engaged in covertly by medical personnel at medical facilities nationwide, and worldwide.
  • Many people in American neighborhoods and communities (and neighborhoods worldwide) know full-well about this assault on their own neighbors and community members but are gagged from speaking about it, or/and are deliberately deceived by Intelligence agencies operating locally through their city/town Fusion Centers, the DHS, NSA, and the FBI (using fraudulent NSLs–National Security Letters) into believing that what is going on with strange cars and people entering their neighborhoods, apartment complexes, hotels, motels, stores, fitness centers, libraries, community centers with portable neuroweapons and cell phones with apps in hand is completely legal and condonable “court-ordered electronic surveillance” of certain citizens (falsely characterized by them as dangerous, mentally unstable, delusional, near-criminal, at-risk; also falsely la/ibelled in many cases as terrorists, pedophiles, drug addicts, prostitutes, predatory homosexuals, nymphomaniacs, and other unsavory lies), rather than what this Dirty Op really is: a criminal, unConstitutional 24/7 covert assault on innocent, law-abiding, often outstanding, civically-engaged citizens and activists using deadly, directed-energy neuroweapons that are ruthlessly designed to degrade, damage, incapacitate, and kill.
  • As part of the drive to radicalize communities and civilians and turn groups of individuals against each other, these assaults on victims of Field-Testing of DEWs are accompanied by Military, Law Enforcement, and Private collusion in Military PsyOps which include:
  • Organized Stalking and Group Harassment;
  • Networked Community Policing AKA Community Harassment;
  • Zersetsung or Citizen Staasi actions of spying, surveilling, and informing;
  • Overt Discrediting and Slander/Defamation Campaigns;
  • Disinformation Campaigns using “Conspiracy Theory” as meme;
  • Weaponized Psychiatry AKA Medical Malpractice–in other words, Psychiatrists Issuing False Diagnoses;
  • Fraudulent National Security Letters gagging communities;
  • Fraudulent Intelligence Investigations by FBI/CIA/NSA/DHS;
  • Fabricated Terrorism and Criminal charges, kept-secret from victims to permit Warrantless Covert Surveillance by Local Law Enforcement and Joint Terrorism task forces;
  • Covert Break-Ins into Households;
  • Rampant publication of Disinformation about the Real Nature of this Assault and Weaponry on the Internet.

Together, they engage in “full-spectrum dominance” efforts to disrupt and destroy the lives and reputations of the citizens targeted for attack and weapons-testing. The perceived intent behind these actions is nothing short of full-scale destruction of the citizens being attacked–physical, material, communal, social, mental, and psychological.

  • Community and elected leaders and local authorities– seem to have been instructed against/influenced/or gagged from acknowledging this blatant and ongoing criminal assault as real, and seem to have been instructed to label all reports of attacks and calls for help as “delusional”. Some reports say emergency room medical personnel and doctors in training are instructed to refer victims to psychiatrists, rather than deal with their reports as real. Psychiatrists often label all reporting individuals as delusional and schizoid or schizophrenic. (Psychiatrists are involved in this cover-up.) Note that these technologies involve invisible–but deadly–radiation; “Plausible Deniability” is being used as convenient strategy along with Intelligence and Military classifications based on wrongful laws (Patriot Act/NDAA/various Executive Orders) and protocols to keep these assaults secret from the larger population. Medical and psychiatric personnel are part of this cover-up. In fact, they seem to be a primary part of this cover-up. The primary tool for keeping these assaults covert appears to be the Point of Contact the psychiatrist provides–and a psychiatrist willing to label an individual delusional becomes an Intelligence asset of great potency; when a psychiatrist (who is avidly trained to label thusly by the manuals, reports, memos circulated by his/her profession) labels someone delusional, All of American (and other) society is willing to automatically believe that label, thereby permitting people/the general public to dismiss all reports of invisible-radiation-assaults as “delusional,” and the technology as “non-existent” or “imagined,” and permitting the whole of society to continue in a state of Denial, while the entire Black Op using these horrific New Age weapons continues on, its secrecy unchallenged. (This blog will extensively cover the co-opting of psychiatry.)
  • With the intention of alerting the world body and globally terminating/banning the use of this deadly weaponry as well as this current ongoing rampant assault on individuals, this blog seeks to:
  • Document, investigate, challenge, expose, and publicize the horrors of this assault;
  • Notice and report the ways it is being carried out on the ground;
  • Collect and post information from individuals being assaulted;
  • Research, collect, and post as well as point to other posted/published information on the technologies used, from all sources including Military, on the Military history of development of these Non-Lethals, on the current, published use of Non-Lethals in research projects, and on all aspects of Non-Lethal weapons relevant to the cause of publicizing this ongoing covert assault;
  • Create, link to, and provide a means for being-assaulted individuals to jointly seek redress through letters/emails/faxes to Congress, the White House, the ICRC, the Hague, and other international bodies;
  • Provide a central place for journalists and human rights investigators to locate organizations and individuals with more information on this subject;
  • Publicize, for the larger population unaware of these realities, the horrors of this assault as well as the nature and dangers of these deadly 21st-century radiation and neurotechnologies in our midst; and,
  • Persuade the global population to take an Active role in pressuring their local and country governments to ban and terminate all use of these extremely pernicious technologies, which spell the end of human sovereignty, individuality, privacy, for All people, and make a mockery of civil liberties, rights, and freedoms.

This blog will start building and posting post Solar Eclipse, March 20, 2015. Stay tuned!